Sell your watch

Sell your watches directly to us, or through an auction.  Our Horology experts will provide you with a thorough evaluation of your watch, and a highly competitive offer.  Easy and convenient, our valuations start by scheduling a visit, or completing our online form  

Repair your watch

Our Watchmaker has over 20 years of working on the finest watches, from vintage pocket watches to Rolex and Patek Philippe and many modern brands.  Providing a full array of services, cleaning, and repair to movements, case, dial and bracelets.  

Appraise your Watch

whether You want to have a better understanding of an heirloom piece, or require an official appraisal,  our unbiased outside appraiser can  provide you with a written document that is valid for insurance, will probate, tax, settlements.  

We deal with the following brands, as well as many others.


Here's a few of important factors to consider when putting a price on a watch:

Brand and model: Each brand and each particular model or reference  will have their own desirability rating on the second-hand market

Condition: Things like excessive wear and tear will have an impact on the price.  Things of most importance are the movement and dial of the watch.

Authenticity:  Original condition is key to watch collectors.  If the watch has been altered or repaired using non-genuine parts it will affect the price negatively.

Box and papers: Buyers will pay a premium for these items.

Is the strap original and in good condition? If it is it will help you get a better price.

The current watch market: which watches are popular and currently in high demand? What are the latest watch trends?

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