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Sell with a world leading auction house for less

Harrington's Works together with some of the world's leading auction houses, to create specially curated auctions that attract a massive audience.  Unlike a traditional auction house that is tied down to selling to their own limited audience, we are able to harness the collective power of many.  This gives us the following advantage:

Sell at the right venue

Every piece needs the right buyer.  Knowing where to find that buyer is our expertise.  whether it's a particular item of jewellery that would garner a higher price at an auction house in Beijing, or an important work of art that would sell higher at a Paris auction, or a collection of Canadian Coins that would sell at a Vancouver Auction.  Our years of experience working with these auction houses have given us a real bird's eye view of the world market, and we are able to effetely put each piece in the auction that we know will yield the highest price.

Sell A variety of items

We take the hard work out of selling your pieces with an auction house, and give you one outlet to sell many different pieces.  From items only valued at a few hundred dollars, to hundreds of thousands of dollars, it can be a challenge to know how to sell each item for its maximum value.  From contacting the right place, to receiving an evaluation, negotiating the reserve prices and commissions, to understanding the payment structure, insurance, and what happens in the event of a no sale.  Working with us eliminates all the guesswork out, and allows you to sell more easily and at a higher price. 

Sell at a reduced Commission

Our years of experience with major auction houses, and ability to sell thousands of items gives us the added and important advantage of negotiating a commission rate that is significantly lower than an individual person can obtain from a top auction house.  We constantly negotiate to ensure that commission is the lowest.    These savings are passed along to to our clients, and can amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars more to you.

Use our Combined Services

Along with our network of auction houses, you can use our following services to enhance your items: 

Appraisal Services - Done by outside appraisers to ensure unbiased values.  This can provide extra confidence in negotiating a reserve price.

Jewellery & Watch Repair - Done by our own jeweller and watchmaker, we are able to bring an old broken piece back to life, before sending it to auction.

Free Evaluations - No need to wait weeks before hearing back from an auction house.  We can provide you with a free evaluation right away.

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