Sell or appraise your art & Antiques

Working with a network of appraisers and auction houses around the world, we can help you valuate your artwork and antiques in a way that makes financial sense.  Unlike typical appraisers, who will charge upwards of $150 per item, we provide a 3 options that are cost effective, and is not wasteful on items that are low in value.

Option 1.   - Verbal Valuation

We will evaluate your piece, and based on our experience, will determine if a further appraisal is needed.  We typically only recommend appraising pieces that are valued at $200 or higher. 

Cost - Free

Time required to appraise:  usually On the spot

Written appraisal: No

option 2 - Written Appraisal (simple)

We will get a preliminary appraisal done by one of 60 professional appraisals, each specializing in their own category.  This preliminary appraisal provides a written document that details the item, and provides a very realistic idea of the price, as these specialists work in the field and have their fingers on the pulse of the market.   

Cost - $25 per item

Time required to appraise: 48 hours

Written appraisal: 1 Page

option 3.  Written Appraisal (detailed)

If you choose to get a more in depth appraisal, that will include at least 3 comparable sales of the same artist, with dates, auction houses, contact info, our network of appraisers will complete a thorough research and create a truly informative and reliable appraisal.  

Cost -$95 per item

Time required to appraise: 1 week

Written appraisal: 3-5 Pages

We specialize in the following categories:

African & Indigenous Art

African & Tribal Art

Australian & Aboriginal Art

Latin & South American Art

Native American Art

Pre-Columbian Art

Antiques & Decorative Art

Carpets & Textiles

Ceramics & Porcelain

Greco-Roman & Egyptian Antiquities

Russian Works of Art & Fabergé


Paintings, Drawings & Prints

Contemporary Art





Asian & Middle Eastern Art

Asian & Middle Eastern Art

Chinese Art

Islamic, Indian & Middle Eastern Art

Japanese Art