About US

Providing Expert Advice to Canadians since 2005

Harrington's Auctioneers & Appraisers, established in 2005 in Toronto, provides clients with an opportunity to sell their valuable treasures at fair market value, through our live and online auctions.    By consigning your items with us, or selling them outright, we assure the highest prices by utilizing our network of experts that have a vast knowledge of correctly identifying each unique piece, and a thorough understanding of current markets, and how to maximize the value of each piece.  We combine our Auction expertise, with our jewellery and watch repair and restoration services to bring an unmatched way to get the most value for your items. 

We Specialize in:

  • Jewellery - Our GIA Certified Appraisers can evaluate any type of jewellery.  We identify maker's hallmarks, gemstone types and quality.  In addition, we also buy broken and out of style jewellery based on gold and gemstone value and ensure our prices are most competitive.  

  • Timepieces - with an in house watch maker and expert, we pride ourselves on being able to identify correctly even the most obscure watch brands, and have a true understanding of current market values for every watch. 

  • Coins & Banknotes - Our Numismatic experts are able to evaluate coins from Canada, US, and many other countries.  We identify coins and bank notes based on year, condition, unique features (such as errors), and provide our valuations based on current book values   

We bring our expertise to you

Our team of appraisers travel throughout the country, providing expert valuations, and an easy way to sell directly or consign to auction.  For a written appraisal completed by an outside appraiser, we can take photos and descriptions at the event, and then send your official appraisal by mail.  To schedule an appointment at one of our upcoming events, please check our upcoming events and register from there.  

Services to suit all needs

  • Informal free verbal valuations of any item that our specialists  have expertise in.  

  • Written Appraisals - prepared to ISA and USPAP standards. by 3rd party appraisers.  Can be used for insurance and will probate purposes.  

  • Sell direct to us -  items in the Jewellery, watches, and numismatic categories can be sold for up to 85% of value instantly..

  • Consign through us -  Using our network of top auction houses around the world, you can enjoy lower commissions, and expertise to sell for the highest price at the right venue.  

  • Jewellery Repair and cleaning -  We offer a complete repair and cleaning service, done by expert jeweller.  

  • Watch Repair -  From a regular service that includes disassembly and cleaning,  to a complete overhaul and restoration of any watch.