A watch may not be the first thing you notice about a person but if they have a good watch, believe me, it would be the only thing you notice in a person. Most people are more into watches than into jewelry. 

As much as important is it to have a good quality watch, it is equally important to maintain and store it so it stays in good condition. Here we would be talking about ways to help you keep your watch in the best condition.

·      Get the right storage 

Keeping your watch in good storage is the first and foremost thing you should do. The storage would help it against any humid conditions and the dust.

·      Protect valuable pieces

To protect your watch from theft you should always have pictures of your watch and the serial numbers. In case if your watch is stolen, you can send these records to the officials and of course, the insurance companies. In this way, they can inform you if they ever get it for service.

Alternatively, you can post the serial number of your watch on any website or a platform about it being stolen. In this way, a person who wants to buy your watch,  will look its serial number and will know that it is a stolen item.

       How often should you wear your valuable watch?


If you too were a watch lover, you would understand that it does not matter if your watch is new or antique; you enjoy wearing it to most occasions. However, before doing that, you must research the type of watch that you have and whether it would be a good idea to wear it more often or not.

        Regular service and good communication with your watchmaker

Like the way you need a good tailor for your clothes, for the service of your valuable watch you should know a good watchmaker. It is suggested to get your watch serviced at least once every two to five years, but age for service, too depends on the type of watch you are wearing because some watches need more frequent services.

At the same time, it is equally important that you have good communication with your watchmaker about the type and extent of service they should provide you. For example, your watchmaker may polish your watch when you do not want it or replace some items when you don't think it is necessary.

Professional polishing of watch

Although professional polishing gives your watch a new life, in many cases, it reduces its value. Polishing completely renews the exterior of your watch, giving it a look of a brand new watch but at the end of the day, nothing beats originality. Let your watch have an antique-cy look, it will only increase its value. 

          The bezels, dials and the crystals

The dials and the bezels are the actual essences of a watch and the whole value of your watch depends on them.  If you are into vintage watches and want to keep your watch as original as possible, protect the dial and the bezels.

However, Collectors show flexibility and leniency in terms of replacing the crystals. If you lose the crystals on your watch, you can replace them without reducing the value of your watch. They only add to the aesthetic beauty of your watch, but when it comes to dials and bezels; they give the real value to your watch. But at the same time, even if you replace the original crystals of your watch, keep the originals ones with you.

        The original straps or bracelets

     Collectors are always on a lookout for original bracelets. Although the straps tend to worn-out over some time, and it is very difficult to keep them intact. They are most especially important for visual appeal and they are of very high value to the collectors.

        The movement 

     The most obvious reason for a watch is accuracy. Likely most of the important aspect of of your watch, the movement’s accuracy depends on the expertise of your watchmaker. That is why it is so important to have a trusted and well-experienced watchmaker.